Why am I a food freedom and body confidence coach?

Photo of Arlene Cullens

It's simple!

I'd spent 25+ years on the diet bandwagon.

Having grown up around women who were always dieting, it rubbed off and I thought that's just what women did.  

Dieting was everywhere. Different plans.  All claiming to help me lose weight and be happy.  

The problem was, I would stick to the diet, lose weight, something would happen and in a flick of a switch, I'd be off the diet and bingeing.  I'd feel shame, frustration and a failure.

What I know now is   DIETS DON'T WORK - Ever.

Which is why I'm committed to helping at least 1,000 women take their power back and change their relationship around food, accept themselves and their body to be able to live the life they fully deserve rather than waste another minute obsessing.

I no longer diet.
I don't sign up to do detoxes or cleanses for quick results.
I no longer restrict any food types.
I am fully in control of food.
I no longer have food rules ie healthy/unhealthy, good/bad, etc.
I don't remember the last time I binged.
I have no idea what I weigh as I don't weigh myself anymore.
I appreciate and accept my body and the path it's walked with me.  I've had two beautiful baby boys.  
I accept my body doesn't suit every style of clothing so I only wear what works for my body and shape.
I choose to dress my body in clothes that make me feel amazing.
I no longer compare myself.
I catch my inner mean chat, acknowledge it and move on.
I believe I am worthy of anything I desire.
I believe I fully deserve the life I have and those in it, irrespective of my body size and shape.

Photo of Arlene Cullens
Photo of Arlene Cullens

That, all that, is why I'm empowering women to change their life, step out of their comfort zone and embrace a new and different way to do food.

I feel truly honoured to have the skills, knowledge and personal experience to be able to help women break free from the cycle of dieting and binge eating while building their self worth and body confidence.

It truly is the best feeling in the world knowing that I can help change lives for the absolute best.

You're a strong, powerful, beautiful woman






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