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Are you ready to see food as just food?

Is it time to take a different direction around how you eat and see food?

Fed up of dieting, bingeing, emotional and over eating?

Have you had enough of counting calories or points?

Want to stop that feeling of shame and guilt after falling off a diet or after bingeing?

If you do then, come and join my group program 

Heart & Soul Nourishment 

And I'll show you how you can be happy, confident, successful and live a fulfilling life without ever dieting or bingeing again.

Imagine a life where food doesn't take centre stage?

How would that feel for you?








What if I told you at the end of 
Heart & Soul Nourishment, 
you'd be experiencing these shifts:

No more

  • dieting
  • weighing
  • bingeing
  • emotional eating
  • overeating

Being fully in control around food.

Knowing when you've had enough to eat and stopping.

No longer feeling anxious around food and what to eat.

Not depriving yourself of your favourite foods.

Doing a food shop and picking up foods you enjoy.

Having all types of food in the house and not bingeing.

Looking in the mirror and liking what you see.

Embracing your body whatever it's size and shape.

No longer comparing yourself.

Believing you are 100% worthy to live the life you desire.

Can you imagine a life like this?

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About Arlene

For around 25 years I was a chronic dieter, binge eater, emotional eater and over eater. Over that time my confidence and self worth reached an all time low. 

I came across an amazing food freedom coach on line and her messaging was a revelation to me.   All I'd known was dieting - I hadn't realised there was another way.

I invested in myself, gave myself permission to heal from my disordered eating and overcome my own food issues. 

I then studied and qualified as a Certified Soul Fed Woman Coach®. 

Having walked the path and been on the journey myself, I have so much life experience, knowledge, support and care to give every woman I have the pleasure of working alongside. 

Hearts Believe in yourself, anything is possible.


Joan, Canada

I really enjoyed Arlene’s Body Confidence Advent Experience.

Each day I received an email with information and exercises to work through about how to change my relationship with food and my body – and more importantly, myself.

The timing of this couldn't have been better given that December is a tough month to get through when you're an emotional and binge eater.

What I really loved was that Arlene shared her own experiences of overcoming binge and emotional eating – the information shared was tried and tested and coming from someone who knew, firsthand, how to heal and learn to be calm and peaceful around food and see herself positively and with compassion.

I highly recommend coaching with Arlene as she has a wealth of knowledge to share, is passionate about helping women heal, is incredibly supportive and will help you create the relationship you’d love to have with food and your body.

Melanie, Scotland 

I joined Arlene in her Body Confidence Advent Experience and loved it. 

I looked forward to her daily emails which both encouraged me to explore how I feel about myself and my body and also allowed me to develop an understanding in to how we self sabotage every time we pick up a new diet or take on some other 'scheme' to make ourselves 'better'. 

We are already better and Arlene demonstrates this in an open and honest manner. 

I highly recommend Arlene as a body confidence coach. 

She is so very caring and positive and comes from a place of personal understanding which is so important in a coach as we all need someone who actually knows where we are coming from rather than a 'text book' teacher.

What you get in the 
Heart & Soul Nourishment program

  • 6 Modules over a 3 month period;
  • 4 x 1:1 transformational coaching calls; 
  • Video workshops on each topic covered;
  • Meditations to help with new beliefs; 
  • Visualisations to see your future self; 
  • Lifelong access to the course work;
  • Workbook as a record of your journey; 
  • Private Facebook community with a group of women cheering you on;
  • Email support from me when you need questions answered - Mon-Fri, 9-4pm; 
  • My life experience, guidance, knowledge and full support.
  • I've been there and walked the journey myself so who better to guide you!

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Wrinkled hands holding the words Module 1 - Body Wisdom

Module 1: Body Wisdom

Body wisdom is the key to getting started on this program so that's exactly where our attention will be to begin with.
Explore what your relationship with food is right now and where you want it to be in the future. 

I'll be giving you tools to get you started as you feel the fear and overwhelm of starting something new after years of dieting and bingeing. 

You can do it, believe in yourself. 
I do, 100%.
A plate of salad, measuring tape - Module 2 - Diet Culture

Module 2: Diet Culture

Taking a look, and exploring with curiosity, how diet culture has impacted your relationship with food. 

Diet culture is all around and hard to ignore and I'm sure, like me, you've tried many, many different diets in your lifetime. 

We'll also look at the influence food rules has on how you eat and see food. 

I'll introduce you to your diet gremlin.  You can decide whether you want to stay friends or not! 

Remember: Diets don't work. 

I'm proof of that. 

25 years of dieting and all I ever did was binge and put more weight on.
Module 3 - Self Compassion

Module 3: Self Compassion

In this module we'll be uncovering the reasons why binge and emotionally eating happens and what can be done to eliminate the episodes. 

Tools and tips will be shared to help navigate ways around emotional triggers that can be used in many different scenarios throughout your life. 

Acknowledging the perfectionism in self and being compassionate when life doesn't go to plan. 

Note: Self compassion is an act of self care. 

We all need self care or we burn out.
4 women in swim suits - Module 4 - Body Neutrality

Module 4: Body Neutrality

Here, we'll be delving into body image and how we treat ourself. 

It's very common to put self down in a horrible, mean way. 

You'll gain insights into how destructive this can be and I'll show you how you can be kinder to yourself. 

Health at every size will be a discussion point and what that means for you. 

We'll look at how moving your body is a positive action rather than exercising to burn fat and be thin and not enjoying the process. 

We'll be exploring how to accept your body as she is right now which is super powerful. 

Believe in the process - anything is possible.
Notebook - Module 5 - Mindset

Module 5: Mindset

Looking deeper into self beliefs and mindset and how they affect your relationship with food. 

Breaking these self beliefs down and saying goodbye to those that no longer serve you then putting in place new beliefs for your future path. 

Delving into forgiveness and how we hold onto events in the past that we no longer need to hold onto and how these affect us. 

Tools to learn how to let these go so they no longer weigh you down. 

The past is gone and can't be changed. 

The present is now and should be lived. 

The future is there for the taking, to live the best life possible with no regrets.
Stars with YOU on them.  Module 6 - It's all about YOU

Module 6: It's All About You!

This module is All About You and everything you can do to feel alive, vibrant, confident and successful. 

Ensuring you get enough 'you time' doing what you love to recharge your batteries and I don't mean taking an extra 5 mins while you're putting the rubbish out!

Making yourself No 1 on your to do list. 

In our final 1:1 call, we will be celebrating your journey so far. 

We will take time to look back at where you started, and where you are now, so you can celebrate the progress you've made.
We'll also look at what the next chapter holds for you and get some action points noted for you to continue your transformational journey. 

You've done it! 

Be proud of yourself. 
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BETA run 
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Are you ready?

Let's get started!

I truly can't wait to work with you to show you there is another way to do food that doesn't involved depriving yourself of your favourite foods or restricting the amount of food you eat.

No more dieting and bingeing.

My life is much more fulfilled these days without the constant negative thoughts about myself or continually researching, trying and, eventually, failing at diets and detoxes.

What do you have to loose by giving this way a try?

I'll look forward to welcoming you into 

Heart & Soul Nourishment

See you there!

With love and happiness

Arlene x


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